Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Stories From the Road Part 1

AHH! Im already in love with the midwest. We started out a little off schedule which is totally usual for a Riley family trip. I drove the first leg to Memphis, TN. Driving though Mississippi was about as interesting as watching paint dry. (no offense to mississippians, of course, you're not bland!). We did pass through Tupelo, so in true tourist fashion, we said our respects to the king and moved on. You can't go to Mississippi without talking about Elvis! Onto to Memphis. I was so excited when I realized that The Neely's (who are chefs on the food network) have a restaurant in Memphis! If you know me, you know I am a huge fan of the food network. Therefore, you can understand my excitement! We found the restaurant and it was delicious! I had their specialty which was BBQ spaghetti. Weird, yes. But absolutely amazing! Definitely something I'm going to have to add to the recipe book.

Next leg I switched to co-pilot and mi padre took over. We drove through Arkansas, hitting the major spots. At this point we've been in the car for 8 hours and everything is starting to look the same and I feel like we're driving in circles. All the while I've been torturing my parents with Justin Bieber, Hanson, BSB, and any other boy band I can think of. I mixed in a little Mumford and Sons/Civil Wars before they decided to mutiny and throw me out of the car. It's been really fun so far getting to hang out with my parents. I had my reservations at first, who wouldnt after being at college for 4 years without them. I'm glad they both decided to come, I feel so loved. Especially since my father informed me he was missing Lord of the Dance in Birmingham this weekend for me. I am one lucky girl :)

By this point we've made it through Arkansas with little issues besides construction and people driving like they are in the Indy 500. Crossing over the Arkansas-Oklahoma line I felt the need to belt out that forever endearing line, "OOOOklahoma where the wind comes sweeping down the plains", and that was about it seeing as I don't really know the rest of the song...but who does? It is starting to get dark by this point and what do we come across? Checotah. Sound familiar? It's where Carrie Underwood hails from! They even have a massive sign on the interstate in case you forgot. And being the tourists we are, we stopped and took a picture of the exit sign.

So now we are stopped for the night after exactly 12 hours of driving and we are pretty much half way there! Tomorrow we'll get to see the likes of Texas, New Mexico, and then finally Arizona! I cant believe this is actually happening! Today while I was driving it hit me what I was actually doing and for 2 seconds I had a moment of panic and wanted to turn the car around to head back to my safety net.  Then I realized that was even crazier than driving out here in the first place so I changed my mind.  I'm sure I'll have more stories from the road tomorrow! Until then.

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