Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Well this post has taken just about long enough to write! I haven't had internet connection for the past 5 days and I still don't have it on my computer. I'm writing from my aunt's computer. But as soon as I get it up and running these posts should come more often!

We finally arrived in Arizona on Friday night and I was so relieved not to have to get back in the car for a very long time.  We drove through the rest of Oklahoma, then Texas, New Mexico, and finally Arizona! I have never been so happy to see an exit sign. Before we arrived at my aunt and uncles we took a detour to go to the Grand Canyon so my dad could see it! Wow. There are no words to describe that place. Even with this being my second time to be there I still can't take it all in. It is truly somewhere to see God's workmanship! After spending most of the morning in the Grand Canyon we headed off to see Sedona which was a really cool town.  It is said that in Sedona people experience "vortexes" or something resembling a spiritual wind tornado where the earth's energy comes through your body. Weird, right? Well I'm sad to say I did not get to experience a vortex on my own but we did find an elvis impersonator named VJ that would gladly marry you and then take you on a vortex tour. and if that wasnt enough, he could also take a picture of your aoura (sp?) and your pet's aoura to see what the color was.  Sadly, I didn't get to meet this character, who had apparently been on America's Got Talent, but I have his brochure if anyone is interested!  

When we arrived at our destination it rained for the next 2 days. Which will probably be the only rain that I see while I'm here! We went antiquing all day and at first I was a little weary about this seeing as I don't do that very pften but after Saturday I'm hooked! I found so many different things that were so neat, including a nursing cape from the 1930s that was orange and blue! After that we went to this awesome German restaurant that happened to be on Diner's, Drive-In's, and Dives which is another one of my Food Network Favorites! After a long day of shopping we came back and got in the hot tub and looked at the stars which are so much prettier here! Probably because there are no street lights anywhere!

Sunday was a bittersweet day. We went to church and then it was time to say good-bye to the parents.  I knew it was coming and it really wasn't that bad until my mom started crying when I hugged her! Talk about ripping your heart out! But I reassured her she would see me in 5 days when I leave for Ecuador so it wont be that bad!

These past couple of days have been great.  I feel like I'm somehow on vacation. My aunt and uncle are great hosts and we've had so much fun! Playing a rousing game of scrabble and speed scrabble, which I had never done before, was quite interesting! I met with my preceptor yesterday and she was an answer to prayer! She is easy going and so nice and I think we are going to get along really well! My first shift is tonight so it should be great! I've never worked a night shift so looks like sleep is on its way in like 24 hours.

I still can't believe the Lord is allowing to be on this journey and I am so grateful for this opportunity! I'm sure I will have plenty of stories (seeing as I've already seen a bobcat in the front yard and heard coyotes ripping something up in the back).  Only 4 days until my team leaves for Ecuador! Be in prayer for the people of Quito that they will have open hearts to receive the word of God!

Peace from the desert.

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  1. Hey sweet girl! I'm glad you got there safely. Glad you're blogging!